Taking the reins of CBC Staff Selection alongside her husband John was a significant leap for Sally. However, their journey began with a hurdle when their promised bank loan was unexpectedly withdrawn just before a long Easter weekend. Despite the emotional drain, Sally and John rectified the issue within a matter of business hours, showcasing their determination and resilience. Since then, they have faced various challenges head-on, and with the regional and global economy supporting their growth, CBC Staff Selection has steadily expanded, adapting to the evolving needs of clients and candidates.

Recognised as an inspirational leader in the recruitment industry, Sally’s journey and accomplishments have been featured in the book “Different Thinking – 20 Inspirational Leaders.” With over 25 years of experience in Hong Kong, London, Sydney, and Cairns, Sally’s managerial skills and dedication to work-life balance have set her apart. Her ability to lead a thriving business while juggling motherhood has garnered admiration and respect from her peers. Sally’s passion for her work, combined with her desire to maintain a balanced life, serves as an inspiration to professionals across the industry.

Throughout her personal and professional journey, Sally has encountered several significant milestones that have shaped her character and influenced her success. Growing up in diverse locations like Africa, the Caribbean, and India instilled in her a love for travel, an appreciation for the world, and an optimistic outlook. Meeting her husband, John, in London marked a turning point that led her to Australia and ultimately to Cairns.

The opportunity to buy CBC Staff Selection from Dennis Howe in 2004 was an unexpected yet transformative milestone that allowed Sally to achieve business goals beyond her dreams. Becoming a mother to two children grounded her, providing a broader perspective on life and the importance of balancing personal and professional responsibilities. Finally, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010 symbolised reconnecting with nature, pushing beyond comfort zones, and tapping into the power of determination and synergy between the heart and mind.

For Sally, the essence of working in the recruitment industry lies in being part of a dynamic team and delivering exceptional results to clients and candidates alike. CBC Staff Selection’s success is attributed to its recruitment consultants dedicated to specialised industries. This unique approach ensures that clients benefit from the consultants’ in-depth knowledge of their specific sectors.

One of the unique aspects of CBC Staff Selection is its predominantly female office. Sally acknowledges the challenges of working in such an environment, where diverse interests converge. Yet, the team at CBC Staff Selection is a remarkable group that understands the emotional journey of finding the right job, particularly for newcomers to the region. Their wealth of international human resources experience and genuine passion for their work is evident in the smiles that grace their advertisements.

As a manager and business owner, Sally believes in elevating her enterprise beyond a mere workplace. She strives to create an environment that caters to the individual needs of her team members, allowing them to flourish and bring out their best while achieving success for the business. She encourages new employees to observe and learn from both high achievers and under-achievers, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement. Sally also emphasises the importance of seeking constructive feedback and, if necessary, making a move to a company that aligns with one’s potential and aspirations.

As CBC Staff Selection celebrates its 35 year milestone this year, Sally reflects on the path she has traversed and the plans for the future. In the short term, she aims to navigate any challenges presented by the world economy. However, Sally’s long-term vision revolves around consistently exceeding the expectations of clients, candidates, and colleagues by “creating success with people.” With a clear focus on the core values that have propelled CBC Staff Selection’s success, Sally is committed to further growth and continued excellence.