Our Code of Ethics

  • To declare any potential conflict of interest to clients prior to agreeing to recruit for them
  • To ensure that our ‘Terms of Business’ are fully understood by the client before commencing any recruitment
  • To respect the confidentiality of all information given to us by both clients and candidates
  • To retain the anonymity of the client until such time as important
  • To never send out a candidate’s details to a client until the candidate has been contacted and permission received
  • To never head hunt a candidate for whom we have received a fee previously
  • To maintain regular contact with clients and candidates during the recruitment process and probationary period
  • To ensure that candidates are given objective and professional feedback following interviews with clients, be treated with dignity and respect at all times and be constructively counselled where possible
  • To follow all legislation relating to owning an employment agency licence
  • To follow all legislation relating to equal opportunity or individuals and anti-discrimination

Our Community
At CBC Staff Selection our philosophy is to genuinely care and consistently surpass the expectations of our clients, candidates, colleagues and the community. As a company we consistently explore ways in which we and our employees can make a difference to both the industry and the community.

We strive to make sure our impact is a positive one, making sure our work practices are sustainable, providing our employees with a safe, rewarding and flexible work environment and contributing to the increased wellbeing of the greater community. We seek to operate our business in a manner that maximises benefits while minimising the social, economic and environmental costs of our operations.

At CBC Staff Selection we take pride in the progressive nature of our employment practices. We believe it’s important to make a positive contribution to the community and to provide opportunities that enable our employees to get involved in programs and causes that are important to them. CBC Staff Selection supports several charities throughout the community.

By supporting our communities, caring for our environment, our customers and our people, both the employer, employees and the community benefit.