Business Liaison Association

CBC has been sponsoring the Business Liaison Association (BLA) for 20 years, providing a vital link between education and business. We deliver regular workshops and seminars and exhibit at the annual Careers and Employment expo. By ensuring that year 11 and 12 students are informed about the business community and understand the importance of a good resume, personal presentation and solid interview techniques, we can equip them with solid foundation skills at the start of their career path.

Great Wheelbarrow Race

Every year, a team of women who are collectively known as the ‘Wheelie Mad Women’ lead by Sally Mlikota, participate in the annual Great Wheelbarrow Race in Chillagoe to raise money for the FNQ Cerebral Support Group. This three-day, 150 km relay pushes both the physical and mental boundaries and motivates participants towards fitness and personal goals. Sally’s team consists of women mainly over the age of 40 who may not ordinarily, consider taking on such a challenge. The rewards are many and vary from person to person, but by stepping out of their comfort zone and making the commitment, the team has raised many thousands of dollars over the years.