Will I have to pay CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services when you find me a job?
No, our recruitment fees are paid by the employer.

Can I post/fax you a copy of my CV/ Résumé?
No, we ask that you submit your CV/Resume via email, either to a consultant or to so that we can quickly and accurately match your skills and experience to any suitable positions.

Will I definitely get a response to my application?
Yes. We believe it is important to reply to all our applicants.

I’m happy just looking for jobs on your website, why do I need to register?
By registering with CBC Staff Selection you broaden your job search. Not all of our jobs are advertised on our website, so if you register with us, we can let you know what other jobs we have available and about great opportunities that suit you as they come in (we get new jobs every day).

Does CBC Staff Selection mind if I use other recruitment agencies?
We’d prefer you were exclusively registered with us but we understand that when you are looking for a job you may want to cover as many avenues as possible. In this instance all we ask is that you let us know which agencies you are registered with and which jobs they have spoken to you about, so that we don’t cover the same ground.

What should I bring to my interview with CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services?
Please bring a copy of your birth certificate or passport as we need to verify your rights to work within Australia.

How should I dress for my CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services interview?
Dress appropriately for your interview. You should wear smart business attire and remember to dress for success and to impress. Your presentation will be conveyed to the employers we’re working with.

Will you tell me before sending my resume to an employer?
We will always discuss a position and employer with you and only put you forward for a role with your permission.

Will my references be checked?
Yes. It is important to provide a minimum two business references (preferably from your most recent employers). They will be contacted at the very end of the process when our client has advised they wish to make an offer of employment to you. In some circumstances, reference checks may be conducted earlier in the process and we will advise you if this is the case. We will only contact your current employer with your authorization.

What are the benefits of using an Agency to assist me in finding a job?
It is very common for employers to contact agencies before advertising and as such agencies are notified of positions well ahead of them being advertised. This means that using an agency will often result in securing a position that may never be advertised.

What kind of temporary positions do you have available?
CBC Staff Selection get a variety of temporary projects. They can be short term or long term work projects, or sometimes the employer wants to trial you first in their workplace for a certain period, to see if you suit the position.

Whose payroll am I on when hired for a temporary work project?
When you are placed in a temporary work project you are on the CBC Staff Selection payroll and we pay your insurances and superannuation. We treat you like our employee provide you with any WH&S induction you may need. When assigned to temporary work projects through us, you are representing CBC Staff Selection.

Can I apply for a position with CBC Staff Selection if I am travelling and looking for short-term contract work?
Yes, provided you have an indefinite right to work in Australia.

Do you recruit people with disabilities?
Yes. CBC Staff Selection welcomes applications from anyone who meets our selection criteria.

Do you offer apprenticeships, work experience or practical placements?
No we don’t



I need someone for an immediate start. Can you help?
We often find specialist staff on very short notice. This is because we work with candidates every day and use industry leading recruitment software that enables us to build, update and search our database of qualified candidates. If we don’t have suitable candidates currently looking, we will initiate a targeted advertising campaign across all of Australia’s major job boards as well as utilising our industry contacts.

As an employer, will I be charged for CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services work?
Yes. A fee is payable in accordance with our terms and conditions if a business, government agency or any legal entity employs a candidate introduced by us.

What happens if the candidate does not work out?
CBC Staff Selection provides a guarantee period of three (3) months. If the candidate is fired or resigns within the first three (3) months of employment, CBC Staff Selection will work on finding a replacement at no additional cost.

How do your fees compare to your competitors?
Our fees are very competitive and provide great value to our clients. Just ask one of our consultants for a copy of our terms and conditions and view our fee schedule.

Would I benefit by building a relationship with CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services?
At CBC Staff Selection our goal is to find the right person for every job. We do that best when we have a deep understanding of your needs based on a long-term relationship.

Why would I want to use CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services when we have an internal HR person?
We recommend using HR for frequent personnel tasks such as training and performance reviews. Leave job searches to us. Search and selection is what we do every day.