Outplacement Services

We offer unbiased, personalised assistance and guidance to employees. Our services can be tailored to suit individual or group needs and include one on one sessions, group workshops or a combination of both. Our Outplacement Services will ease the distress caused by redundancy and provide those affected with timely and practical advice, updated skills and the knowledge and confidence to re-enter the job market.


Feeling overwhelmed by the number of applications received for an advertised position? We can provide assistance with screening, interviewing and skills testing candidates in order to shortlist the top applicants for your consideration.

Selection Criteria

Outsourcing the assessment of Selection Criteria can reduce the pressure off your team. We can undertake this process and deliver to you a matrix of candidates whom have been assessed and graded for you. Useful if you have internal candidates applying for a role to avoid any conflict of interest.

Panel Interviews

Need an extra person on your interview panel? We can work with you should you need to balance your panel with an external specialist.

Skills Testing & Reference Checking

All administration candidates are assessed using MS Word, MS Excel, Typing and Data Entry. We also have access to online testing for: MYOB, Customer Service, Call Centre, Specialist IT packages etc.

Psychometric Assessments

  • Behavioural Profile / DISC profiling - Unique behavioural and communication styles
  • Cognitive Ability Test - Future job performance and problem solving skills
  • Work Reliability Scale - Risk of theft and dishonesty at work
  • Values Inventory - Potential organisational commitment
  • Work Preference Profile - Likely level of job satisfaction